Thursday, September 30, 2010

The Abandoned Office place

So today i'm going to share with you some pictures taken during the photoshoot.

Make up by Yumiko cuz I was a noobie HAHA
and Picture credits to the three photographers,
Rahul, Danny and Yumiko.

Make Up by Yumiko :)

Was definitely a fun day!

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Something something

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Mooncake festival celebration was a few days ago, the moon was so pretty like having rainbow colours around it. It's my first Mooncake celebration with Tanglung (lanterns) yesterday with my fellow CG members.

Anxiously waiting for pictures now :)

Today, I went for badminton at Bukit Jalil, had really good games and i'm feeling very satisfied :). Wanna thank all of my friends who came today :)

Went to Subang abandoned office for a photo shoot in the afternoon with Rahul, Yumiko and Danny. For some reason the traffic was really bad today :( and it was raining, but we still managed to take some good photos.. well at least I hope they have good photos :D hahaha.. Yumiko posted 3 already... I think I looked really fierce in the pictures and my make up was very different LOL.. But it was a good experience, something different from lakes or parks LOL :p.

I don't know why but I have this tendency of blogging when i'm dead tired.. HAHA and ideas don't flow in very well but I choose this time to blog... what a weird pattern...

Anyway, here's a teaser of the shoot :) Just one picture of course.. :)

Looks damn fierce right? :p

Wednesday, September 22, 2010


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It's a 180 degrees change since I left the place :)

Getting new friends, and learning to treasure and appreciate them instead of judging and discriminating which is what I do best back when I was still U know :P

I'll be leaving my family and friends to go to Australia really soon. Time flies too quickly sometimes. What's up next in life is a mystery. But as for the present, I'm enjoying life to the max! I'm feeling much happier as a person!

Just recently, I went for a trip to Redang but before that trip, I had my first camping experience ever at Berkelah waterfalls! It was good cuz there was no leeches to suck my precious dirty blood and also made some nice friends. Quite unforgettable but definitely not going up again, too much trouble dealing with the road and also the life threatening hike that took us 3 hours to arrive to our camp site. No complaints once we reach the top tho. View was breathtaking and the water was clear. One thing's for sure, the place wasn't as cold as I imagined a waterfall place would be. Overall, it was a lot of fun.

Then to Redang! yay! AHA! that's where I got myself a terrible sunburn! After checking in, my bros and I went straight for the crystal clear water and started snorkelling. To our dismay, we saw lots of dead corals :( sigh... Nevertheless, it was good exercise. I totally forgot about sunblock and was directly under the sun for almost 3 -4 hours! My skinnnn :((((
Anyway, the highlight of Redang was spending time with my family and also bringing 2 baby girl with us on their first time experience on salty water :P was so cute I tell you LOL...

Overall, life has definitely become more enjoyable making me a much happier person in general.
Sorry if my blog post wasn't very detailed.
I promise to make it more interesting for you to read in future ok? haha

Pictures will be up soon :D


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HELLOooooo Damn don't you just love it when I totally abandon this blog and come back when I feel like it? HAH! get used to it, it's going to be like this all the time *EVIL LAUGHS*

btw, since technology is blooming, can some genius out there please create a device to help me track all my stuff? It's really crap that I KEEP MISPLACING MY BELONGINGS! GRRRRR
Recently, I lost my SEGI student Card and THANK GOD! it's only RM10 to renew it or i'd be bankrupt by now. Then I keep misplacing my Touch and Go! went all over the house ransacking it, looking up and down for that one ridiculous card. I thought nothing could beat getting myself to start studying, looks like i've just found a new contender which is tearing the house apart just to look for 1 THING! 1 THING!!!

REBACCCAAAAA you're so "................" even mommy says you're so "......................"

I'm thinking if I should blog about what's going on in my life in this 1 post or to post it separately.
Bah! Next post when I remember :)

btw, i'm roasted now.. like really really roasted.. will tell you why later ok?

Saturday, June 19, 2010


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Exhausted from the Samsung commercial shoot. was one of the extras, nothing big..
met some nice people there, here are some pics to share :)

I didn't take pics for the second day, probably too exhausted from having NO SLEEP .. had to be there by 6am, it was at Maison for that 6am shoot. Wore high heels that totally killed my foot plus we had to dance at the background.. kinda sucked cuz I dont dance.. owelll glad it's over now.

i guess that's it, i'm really tired till now... I got my workout DVD's delivered from Andy 2 days ago.. finally! i got my Brazil Butt Lift.. I tried the workout, and it wasn't easy at all... not going to give up tho... gonna keep going.. cuz I can see how it'll help sculpt my body :)

Another workout was the hip hop abs.. and that workout looks really fun :).. will wanna do that workout together with Andy! HURRAY! He bought me flight tickets to get to Melbourne for my birthday in August... i'm so excited.. haven't see him for 2 months now.. Missing him loads..

Right now, I just wanna earn as much money as I can, finish my coursework quickly and my presentations and i'm all set and ready to rock for exams :)

ok off to rest... cau!

Friday, June 4, 2010

Quite a success

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updating on my food progress, well I guess I kinda succeeded but I didn't follow exactly to the dot haha
I took extra carbs cuz of the last minute badminton plan. wee! was so much fun! I think gym helped me gain extra strength and stamina even for badminton, felt like I could have played more.

Lately I've been on webcam with Andy using gmail chat, it's really cool cuz the quality is wayy better than Skype and MSN. But for some reason, msn and other applications seems to lag. Owel, either this or that. I'm still thinking if I should bring my laptop to Bali :(, I guess I'll just use my phone to go online sigh...

hmm I haven't finish packing for Bali, only 2 full days so I guess there's nothing much to bring.. just some essentials. I'm hoping they have a hot tub there so I can soak the whole day HAHA joking :P

okeeey, i'm tired.. will go off to snooze mode.. nite all :)


Thursday, June 3, 2010

Plans for Tomorrow!

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I've feasted alot especially on carbs, So tomorrow shall be my fruits and protein day! no cardio because i'm sore all over,

8:30am 1st Breakfast-Apple to start, scrambled eggs and a slice of bread

11:30 2nd Breakfast- a banana

2pm 1st Lunch- 1 half boiled egg, an apple and orange

4pm 2nd Lunch- Banana

ab ripper at 5pm- another orange after workout

6pm dinner (haven't decided)

lol I only have apples, oranges and bananas at home... source of protein will be eggs .. mom's making seafood dish for dinner (would have that then), that's if it is not oily.. if not I guess it's back to eggs :D and more fruits :)

hurrrmm hopefully I can follow as planned. Usually I end up eating more.. GOODLUCK to myself (will report on the results at the end of the day haha)

p.s someone wrote an offensive comment on my previous post.. sigh, idiots like that should get a life.. SERIOUSLY

Just another day

hey i'm back!
I haven't been updating since I went to Melbourne in April hehe, well some pictures to share :)

I'm missing Melbourne already, and also my baby haha, owel, i'll be there in no time again in October wee :D as soon as I complete my diploma! like FINALLY!

i'm back in KL after 2 weeks and up next! BALI TRIP! yay!!! but this time i'll be going alone :D haha whole villa to myself, isn't that awesome? lol.. i get to snap pics from all corners of the place, jump up and down (imagine the kid from home alone) ahh that's the life :) perfect getaway! (not that I really need any actually but since it's free, HURRAY!) Can't wait to do shopping there, and I also recently saw an article regarding the active volcano in Bali, hmm quite scary but I hope it only erupts after i'm back in KL HAHAHA :P

then comes the underwater photoshoot.. it's gonna be so much fun :).. hopefully this time I will get all the photoshoot pictures hmm..

Actually I have a space for a friend but unfortunately all of them can't make it, so sad huh.. My mom said the flight wasn't worth it, she might as well go to Redang in September with the family. Couldn't agree more :D, she would have been so bored for the first day watching what we do for the day and I can't guarantee that I can accompany her. Owel, it's al right I guess, not my first time flying to some foreign country alone :).

Lots of things happened when I came back from Melbourne, got to catch up with my high school friends, bringing back some good memories :) We went to Tenji for the buffet and the food was mediocre but the company was great :), we had so much to share and for the first time I saw how Nigel is capable to consume so much! it's like one after the other, Very scary experience.. Waiting for him to upload his tenji pictures arrgh.. slacker :P

All that happened after my May exams.. Occasionally, Felicia comes over to my house to swim and exercise HAHA, I've converted a few people, and now they're the exercise freaks just like me haha... I HAVE COMPANY!!!!!!!! YAY! Oh and I converted my cousin Joanne also haha, not that she needs to lose anymore weight, but I taught her what to do to tone up :), it's great cuz now we can call up each other for workouts.. Also I signed up for a 21km run this month with Haire, so i've to train really hard, 10km was fine for me but a half marathon hmm, I'm not sure how i'm going to survive haha.. wokay, I think that's all for now, chao

Thursday, March 25, 2010

The end to Rebecca's lectures

Hi THERE! *big smiles
Omg I read my blog and I found myself to be freaking long winded.. so I thought it would be nice to add some pictures in every blog post.. I got to also learn to be more creative!!!... HELP ME!!!! shake some artsy fartsy sense in me!!..

Elton could probably help me with that hehe
click to view his Masterpiece (gosh i'm like promoting his pictures)

Anyway today, found out that we had to sit for a quiz at the very last minute while I was still at home.. darn.. No preparation NOTHING! then I got an instant message from Kiyun asking me if I was interested to go for badminton.. sheesh what's with these last minute arrangements!! BAH.. owel and so I agreed to go and bout the quiz, I was pretty lucky to score full marks for the it with the help of some friends LOL, there's an inside story that's quite unethical for me to reveal..

I also think the lecturer hates me or something cuz she keeps picking on me. I'd be one out of the many who's making so much noise behind the class that gets picked.. Sometimes I think i'm pretty innocent... like I get stared at when people around me is making those noise.. I think I should make it clear to her that I don't speak mandarin so at least she knows that i'm not the one.. Anyway, I flee out of her class during break time cuz I was mad hungry and left for badminton shortly after..

Nothing interesting written up there.. some crazy boring blabbering I do as usual..

had a blast at badminton and yadaa yadaa yadaa... skip to what I did in the evening

watched movie with my parents, Jacob&Anne, Andy&Lillian, Philegon.. so sad, cuz I wished Andy was there with me... I miss his warm bear hugs .. gotta persevere, Anyway back to the movie.. we watched 3D How to train your dragon.. I'd rate it 7/10 . Pretty awesome in terms of its storyline.. I thought it was quite cute... Ahh you watch it for yourself.. i'm no good at describing movies... I liked it and that's all that matters hehehe

hmmm I promised pictures in every blogpost.. so i'd post up pictures of the march babies celebration at Thai Restaurant last Sunday :)

And oops I forgot to wish Jacob& Anne Happy Birthday!! soo.. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
Anne got me a bikini top from Victoria Secret for my last year's birthday.. LOL and loving it to the max :) Thank you so much Anne :)

And lastly, One big happy Family picture :)

*loves :)

Saturday, March 20, 2010


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Look! grandma's daily morning walk :).. she's so awesome already.. she can clean herself and the only thing I have to help her out with is to remove and wear her diaper.. really really proud of her :)
Yesterday she fell down in the toilet but she's alright.. a minor cut on her elbow.. I pray that God heals her completely, and He has been really good to her to help her through all of this.

Then just recently, we've got a new leather sofa :D, so comfy that everyone wants to sit on it HAHA.. Our precious :)

I've been feeling really tired lately due to lack of sleep.. I tend to indulge more into unhealthy food depends on my cravings which is super bad sob sob.. so in other words, sleeping late = gaining weight ... Feli and Alex came over yesterday for a swim and played cards afterwards.. HAHA was hilarious, we all had paint all over our faces.. I looked super ugly so if u're interested to see, try finding them on facebook :P..

Then today, I went shopping with mommy in Sungei Wang, bought some scarf, RM20 shoes (WEEEEE!!!) , a blouse and a measuring tape.. Can't wait till my ear piercing recover.. just caught with an infection and now there's puss.. sighh... hope it heals sooner cuz today my mom and I was drooling over beautiful earrings from Nose and Bonita.. grrr...... I suggested that she should also get her ear pierced cuz she looked DROP DEAD gorgeous with earrings... keke...
when mine heals, HOHOHOHOHO i'm going for another round of shopping just for earrings.. ahhhh.. can't wait!!!

Anyway here are some stuff I got today, I never wear scarf but would like to try them on, change my style a little bit and see how it goes :D keke

Mom and I :) , caught her by surprise

she don't look her best here cuz she was cooking haha

camho camho :)
okie that's all :P